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A holistic approach to One-on-One teaching

Momentum Regeneration® 100h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

for experienced yoga teachers and health professionals

holistic - individual - integrative

Who we are

Momentum Regeneration® is a continually evolving integrative and open minded approach to Yoga based on Patanjali's Yogasūtra. This program is led by Dr. Günter Niessen (MD) and Katharina Lehman, a licensed health professional for psychotherapy. With support by our team (Link) of teachers with expertise in their respective fields we incorporate modern medicine, psychology and common sense.

Based on many years of experience with the application of therapeutic yoga in One-on-One sessions for clients with a wide range of difficulties, we are dedicated to creating individual yoga practices that facilitate wellbeing and regeneration in an

accessible and sustainable way.


What you will learn

This training is an opportunity to fine-tune your teaching skills for individual lessons as well as promoting choice and agency for your students in group classes.

You will learn new powerful and practical ways to support individual needs, welcoming everybody with all levels of experience. You will acquire a solid foundation of knowledge about common ailments and the specific application of yogic practices. The focus lies on being able to provide support, whether someone is suffering from a specific problem or wishes to pursue certain personal aspirations, by helping them cultivate an intuition in their own body, create deeper self-awareness, bring balance and integrate self-care into their daily life.

Come as you are and bring everything with you that seems worthy to be viewed in a new light. (Katharina Lehman)


Personalized teaching

Individual lessons are a co-creation between teacher and student based on moment-to-moment awareness, integrating ethics, movement, breathing and meditation with intra- and interpersonal reflection.

Conducting One-on-One sessions requires the ability to creatively choose beneficial postures and āsana sequences to support individual agility and self-efficacy. We design a practice according to the momentary needs, long-term intention and current disposition, desires and strengths of the student. As teachers we help to establish a connection to the body, illuminating its uniqueness. A regular and viable practice enhances ease of movement, overall functional strength, greater range of motion and helps improve coordination and balance. Befriending the rhythmic flow of breath and merging it with movement, guided breathing practices, meditative visualizations and bhāvana (affirmation) encourage focus and calm the fluctuations of the mind. Ultimately we aim to integrate one's unique resources with an emphasis on replenishment and renewal which is linking the practice with day to day life.


Program schedule

100 hours within five weekends 

Friday 14h - 18h

Saturday 8:30h -18h

Sunday 8:30h - 15h

You can attend on side in Prague or on-line via ZOOM, please let us now within application. 

Günther Niessen and Katharina Lehman will be main teachers for the whole training, Lucie Königová and Anneke Sips will co-teach some modules. 



Are you looking for Module 1 and 2?

You can buy recordings from module 1 & module 2

If you want to get the certification, it's still possible after completing additional tests. Please contact us via for further informations.

Please read Terms and Conditions here. 

Prerequisites and costs

This training requires a solid foundation in yoga and is designed for experienced yoga teachers and health professionals with a regular personal practice.

We charge 8320 CZK for weekend (appr. 320 EUR).




  • movement skills and body reading

  • understanding tissue repair

  • functional anatomy

  • āsana variations and intelligent sequencing



  • mental health awareness, mind centering

  • refocus and grounding in times of overwhelm, stress and crisis

  • meditation and embodiment

  • strengthening the ability to self-regulate and finding balance in life

  • assessing body language and behavior through the lens of the guṇas



  • breathing skills and physiology of the respiratory system

  • principles from āsana to prāṇāyāma for the internal body systems (immune -, lymphatic -, circulatory and digestive system)



self-awareness and the importance of one's own self-care

  • defining the role as a personal yoga teacher and safety measures

  • coming to a real understanding of compassion based on YS 1.33 maitrī-karuṇa-mudita-upekṣā

  • developing listening and motivational conversation skills



  • understanding the nervous system

  • acute versus chronic pain

  • supportive practices for optimal brain function

  • working with the senses including pratyāhāra and relaxation

Unsure or Worried About Anything?

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide more details and clarifications.– drop us a line
at and we shall come back
to you shortly.

Dr. Günter Niessen (MD)

Dr. Günter Niessen is a specialist in orthopaedic and trauma surgery with a practice in Berlin. His previous training includes physical therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, manual medicine, neural therapy, and acupuncture. He is a yoga teacher registered with the BDY/EYU. He has worked with thousands of patients suffering from various musculoskeletal issues, considering their problems from a holistic perspective.


Katharina Lehman

Katharina Lehman has been teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapy internationally for over a decade in group and private sessions, workshops and conferences. She holds a Diploma in Arts and completed several massage trainings and intensive studies in Psychology. With modesty and ease she points out ways to enhance wellbeing and integrate Yoga into daily life, as part of one's self-care regimen. 

Lucie Königová

Lucie has studied Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda for over 20 years. She has taught yoga with great joy for 17 years. Lucie's main focus is private yoga therapy, small group courses, yoga teacher mentoring, workshops and yoga teacher training. Originally a translator and social science researcher, Lucie has studied Svastha Yoga Therapy Program and several other yoga therapy, Ayurveda, somatic, natural movement and dance trainings. Her main teacher is her daughter, though 🙂 Lucie believes in the transformative, truly soothing and profoundly healing quality of yoga that restores us to our wholeness and integrity with clear and kind presence, keen and compassionate awareness and mindful and joyful living.


Anneke Sips

is a Registered Nurse (RN) for psychiatry with 25 years of experience, an accredited yoga therapist (C-IAYT) in The Netherlands and the founder of „Network Yoga Therapy”. As an international trainer and speaker she builds bridges between the fields of yoga and mental health. Her expertise lies in applied philosophy and yoga for mental health, especially (complex-) trauma and psychosis. 
As a therapist, she works with people in many different settings, designs and offers Integrative Yoga Therapy programs for doctors and other healthcare professionals and thereby creates an ecosystem of sustainable solutions for health and wellbeing.

terms and conditions

Registration and Payment: 

  • Registration starts with sending the online form, followed by registration confirmation. Registration becomes binding for both parties.

  • The seminar fee is to be transferred only after you get an email with payment details for your bank transfer. You'll get payment certificate after your payment is executed. 

  • You have the right to cancel your registration within 14 days without giving any reason. To claim your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or an e-mail). In that case you're still obliged to pay the cancellation fee (see Cancellation Terms). 

  • If you cancel your registration after the 14 -day timeframe you are obliged to complete the payment and the organizer is in entitled to the amount due, which will subsequently be claimed.

Terms and Conditions of Hosting the Training: 

  • For seminars that are planned or take place on site, a waiting list will be created as soon as more than 30 registrations are received.

  • For online courses, there is no limit to the number of participants.

  • It might be possible for some on-site courses to participate online as well as part of the livestream offer. If you're considering this, please take note of this in the registration forms.

  • Our preference is to hold scheduled courses on-site. We reserve the right to hold our full seminar offerings as online-only events as long as circumstances do not allow for a meaningful and plannable on-site event.

  • For on-site courses, travel, accommodation and meals are not included and must be organised independently.


  • Absences of a maximum of 10% (i.e. 2 hours) can be compensated by listening to the audio recordings, beyond this we cannot issue a certificate of attendance. The corresponding absences must be made up for with costs (50% of the course fee, or 60€ per day).


  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the planned event. The cancellation of a seminar due to illness of the lecturer, force majeure or other unforeseeable events does not entitle the participant to claim for the execution of the seminar. The organizer will nevertheless try to find a solution acceptable to both parties, e.g. by rebooking to another date/place free of charge or by substituting the lecturer.

  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the seminar if the number of participants is below 10. In case of cancellation, even at short notice, any participation fees already paid by you will of course be refunded. However, the organizer cannot be called upon to reimburse travel, accommodation or cancellation costs or be held liable for indirect damage, loss of profits or claims by third parties.

  • Cancellation or rebooking of the registration will incur a processing fee of 60 €. In the event of cancellation from 6 weeks before the start of the seminar, 50% of the seminar fees will be retained and from 2 weeks before the event, the full fee must be paid.

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