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Alice had opportunity to study yoga last ten years with different teachers in Prague and abroad (including study trip to India, Mysore in 2011). and with others great teachers form abroad.  Her main practice in ashtanga and vinyasa yoga but she also gets her inspiration from gentle and therapeutic yoga styles. Her lessons are tightly bind to her personal practice. She is focusing mainly on dynamic yoga with smooth transitions between asanas. Alice is also interested in various movement styles/languages as Laban movement analysis, gaga, feldnekrais method.

I was born in Moscow and in 2008 I moved to Prague, which is now my beloved home. I am in yoga for 10 years. My mindset and attitude to life and to the whole world changed a lot in a very positive way due to yoga practice. Yoga is my passion and joy, it is a pleasure to share with you everything that I have learned and am still learning from me teacher and my own practice. 

Iara Martinez has started practicing yoga in 2006 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Before she was dance student, teacher and professional dancer of contemporary dance. She has been studying yoga with Jeff Phenix and Alexa Harris in London where she moved in 2007. In 2010 she started teaching Yoga in London and afterwards traveling in different countries in south america she organized workshops and regular classes of Yoga and meditation. Now she lives in Prague and teaches in Akasha Yoga studio.



Lucie Königová has studied, practiced and taught Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya under the tutelage of several inspiring and experienced teachers, mainly Sri A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan and Ganesh Mohan, her main teachers. Lucie believes that the purpose of yoga is to heal and to be peaceful with and in oneself and that we can often go further through surrender rather than effort. She encourages reflection and self-enquiry in students who are interested in going beyond the physical and the obvious.

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